Monday 25 February 2013

TUSAL, Wipocalypse, Hodgepodge catchup

I am alive and well. When I hit post, the spacing is really messed up. The more I try to fix it the worse it gets. I apologize for this mess. For the first time, I over-committed myself with stitching and quilting deadlines. I have been stressed and it has taken the joy from my stitching. In order to meet my commitments I had to chose between stitching, quilting or blogging. Unfortunately blogging lost out. So here is my long overdue Wipocalypse, TUSAL and stitching, quilting post for the past 6 weeks and my early post for the current Wipocalype and TUSAL. My TUSAL glass. Round Robin #1 Cat's band sampler. I stitched the top right section. I really struggled with some of the stitches on this one but love the finished project. I got an email today that my Band Sampler is completed and on it's way home. I am sooo excited. Round Robin #2 T 2012 RR stitching. Don't you just love this Margaret Sherry hedgehog that I stitched. He made me smile. Here is the RR as it goes out in the mail. One more round and this RR is done. For the Valentine Fair Square exchange here are the squares I stitched. They are a Papillion Creations freebie. From Marcy I received these absolutely gorgeous squares. The Fair Square exchange is looking for new members. Please take the time to look at their blog and sign up. It is such fun to do these. For the Seasonal Exchange the stitching I did - a Gazette 94 freebie. Here is the exchange I received. This is a Lizzie Kate and my partner Linda is from Mexico. How cool is that! I cannot show you the winter exchange on the Stitched With Love Exchange group until notified that all are sent and received. The exchange I received is gorgeous and will post when I can. My Maple Leaf is finished and at the framers along with my Las Vegas Tree and Merry Xmas. Wait till you see the frames and mats for these. On the Quilting front. My mother's quilt has returned from the quilters and the binding is on. I will post a photo when I can get a full photo soon. I took a class called "Little Twister" and here is the result. Here is my mystery quilt for this year done. I still have to sandwich and quilt it but so far so good. With the leftover fabric I made a square for our raffle quilt. Here is that square. I received this wonderful soap frog at Christmas from a dear friend and forgot to post it. Isn't he precious! Thanks Deb. I had some thank you's to send to some wonderful people who have gifted me magazines, patterns etc. And so I took out my sewing machine. Here is the result. My newest purchases Just Nan's Christmas Mouse. I saw this little fellow posted on a blog and had to have him. He instituted a country wide search and was finally located at a needlework shop in California. Since then they have released the most darling bunny and he is on his way. The Cross Stitch Magazine with the Joan Elliott Diary with the help from a friend in England. CCN - Santa's House. Part 3 of 12 This Stitch Starter Ruler from Blue Ribbon Designs - no more starting too close to the edge of the fabric for me. And that's it for this post lol. No wonder I have been missing. Thank goodness the frog visits were brief during this time frame. May all your frogs come on a porcelain lily pad like mine lol. PS What the heck is up with Blogger????? Trying to post photos and get the spacing right was brutal. All my photos came up in words not pictures and so I had to work like the dicknns to get them in. I hope when I hit post this makes some kind of sense. Is it just me or is this really screwy?