Thursday 6 December 2007

We got rain!

Well, what an experience it was. Yuma very rarely gets any rain and this past week, we got RAIN. You should have seen the rain. It was a torrential downpour. Our average rainfall for the year is 4 inches and we received 2 inches in a short time. The streets were flooded and the roads were full of puddles. Several friends of ours had leaky roofs. We escaped any damage but we have a metal roof and the noise was wild. It was kinda fun. They are predicting rain for the entire weekend - we shall see. One good thing about the rain, the desert will be in full bloom in the spring.
I have had a good stitching week. I have made great progress on Crystal Tree. All the confetti stitching on the tree is done and 1/3 of the presents at the bottom are stitched. All of the presents have some Kreinik threads so they are a little time consuming. Thank goodness for my Thread Heaven cause it keeps those threads under control better.

I worked on Paradigm all day yesterday and really enjoyed this section. There were several small motifs and so you felt like you accomplished something at the end. Hey, I get my enjoyment where I can.

Yesterday, I spent jumping from my deck to the ground. My DH and his friends are replacing our carpeted deck with ceramic tile. When they took the carpet up, the stairs were rotten, so an entire day was spent replacing the stairs. If you are as nimble as I you can imagine jumping off that deck every time I wanted to leave the place. Of course, when there are no stairs you find 100 reasons to go in and out. I will post a photo when they finish my nice new deck.


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Everything's looking so good! Your PL...girl you are going to town!
Thanks for my map and tour guide! I laughed like a looney tune when I opened it! :) I blogged about it yesterday...couldn't find your e-mail to let you know! Thanks I love it and am thinking about getting a poster frame and framing the state map ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching updates there Kathy. Wow, that sounds like a lot of rain and I can imagine the din it must have made on a metal roof!

Wendy said...

Wow you are making great progress on PL! And your Christmas tree is looking great too. Its a good thing all that rain has kept you inside to stitch :-D

Alberta said...

I can't wait until spring to see those pictures...I love desert blooms!

Anonymous said...

Your tree looks beautiful. One thing about the rain - you don't have to shovel it!!! We have lots of ice and the driveway is like a skating rink.

Cheryl said...

You sure are making speedy progress on PL! I love your colour. Im so tempted by this one now! Crystal tree is very pretty too.
You asked about by JBW French Country Stocking? Well, im using DMC 115 for it. One of my favourites!

Beatrice said...

Too bad a bout the rain!!! we had rain too it just came in a different form. lol.
I'm looking forward to seeing the deck finished. don't hurt your back going up and down.
Tree and PLl look goooood!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

You recently visited my blog and left a comment. Tonight I've been catching up on my blogging and realized that I haven't returned your visit yet. At least I don't remember doing so and leaving a comment. So here we go...

It sounds so strange to read that they don't get much rain in Yuma. I don't think that I'd like that at all. I love the rain. Mind you, freezing rain I could very happily live without. I think that I would miss the snow too....I think.

I've read about you in Dani and Beatrice's blogs Kathy. So I was eager to see what you've been stitching and I'm not disappointed. You do lovely work. I love the Paradigm design that you and some of the other ladies are stitching. It's so elegant. I can well imagine that it would be difficult to put it down.

Hows the deck coming along? I've never heard of putting carpet on a deck before.

I really love that Nutcracker ornament that Becky stitched for you. He looks quite debonair in his brightly coloured uniform, and with a crown on his head.

The little pillow that you made for her, with the Christmas tree made up of little hearts is so pretty.

Thank you for visiting my blog Kathy and I hope you'll visit again. It was lovely to hear from you.


Needlearts Kelly said...

Your PL and Crystal Tree are beautiful! Enjoy your rain. I hope you post pics of the flowers in the Spring.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Hey Kathy, oooh new tiled deck. That sounds lovely! Both of your proejcts look wonderful!