Monday 28 September 2009

A mix of things

First, I would like to thank each and every one of you who commented on my last post and the personal emails and lovely notes that I received. You have made me cry with your kindness and healing words. It was difficult to share my personal story and I am relieved that you received it favorably.
I have been doing handwork these past couple of weeks and so I will share with you some finishes. I have done a few happy dances.

I finished this flamingo wall hanging that I started a couple of years ago and it was sold before I even had the binding sewn on. It was originally for myself and by the time I got it finished I was interested in something else.

I sandwiched, tied and bound 3 quilts for the Linus project. The organization keeps quilts in police cars for victims. The two baby ones are made with scrap flannel I had around and the youth quilt was made from scrap fabric that someone gave me.

I completed this Swedish weave afghan for a wedding that we will be going to on October 3rd.

Oh, and I have been stitching - this is from the World of Stitching magazine and will be a gift. The recipient doesn't read my blog. I hope to have this completed in the next week or so.

We had some guests for dinner this past week and we had fresh pickerel (walleye). I decided to decorate around the fish theme and I thought you would appreciate this photo of our dining table. That is a muskie in the center of the table, fishing rods leaning in the corner, lures hanging off my valances, a pike hanging on the wall and a souwester on the giraffe. They were all donated by friends. I also added a close up so you can see the seashells, the napkins with the yellow duckies and the pictures for the guests to color between dinner and dessert.

These were all mature adults and they colored like small children. It was great fun to listen to them as they discussed and traded colors and laid out their designs. I kept the colored photos and am trying to come up with some way to make a souvenir out of them. Any suggestions?

Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas are creeping up on me very quickly. We will celebrate Christmas with the tree and all the trimmings as we won't be home for Christmas this year. I will try and include a couple of photos after I get it all decorated.

Till next time, take care all. And again, thank you so much for your kindness.

Keep on stitching.


JillMN said...

I love the way you decorated your table--very creative. I love that idea of the quilts in police cars for victims. You are so kind to help out with that.

Thank you for all the great comments you leave me. I appreciate it.

Happy Stitching! :)

Missy Ann said...

I'm seriously considering getting re-married (yeah I know, I'm already married) and inviting you to the wedding just to get one of your beautiful Swedish afghans.

I love your dinner party! The coloring pages are so funny. :D I kinda low on bright ideas at the moment, hopefully some one else will have a brilliant suggestion.

Katrina said...

Love your table settings and the coloring pages are such a fun idea.

And as always, great stitchy pictures.

I didn't get to comment on everything that is going on with your son. Lots of good thoughts and prayers for him that he continues to do well.

Carolyn NC said...

Love all the quilts and stitching - lovely work! Your decorations are definitely unique and fun - looks like a good time!

mainely stitching said...

Wow, Kathy! Do you sleep at all? What a tremendous artistic output!! Love that Swedish Weaving afghan! :D

Annemarie said...

Oh wow. I wish I could see all of these projects (including the gorgeous table) up close. What fun! I love the stitchy gift you're making for your friend!
Hugs to you, dear lady.

Ranae said...

Lovely quilt finishes and wow! that Swedish weaving is gorgeous.
Very creative dining decor.I just might have to steal that one, being a fisherman's wife,lol
I hope we made you feel a little better, you have many many friends out here.

sandra said...

As usual, lots of great finishes!
Love the fun table!
It's good to see you keep the positive side of life on!

Cindy F. said...

Girl! Just to have a tiny bit of your energy and talent!! The flamingos are awesome!! and the quilts are precious!!
The afghan is absolutely gorgeous and what a gift!
and your stitching must not ever sleep!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your dinner decorations!! How fun!! AWESOME!!
You just make life funner for us all Kathy!!

Jenny said...

Lovely finishes and WIPs! :)

I'm a bit late, but ((hugs)) to you on all you've been dealing with lately.

Wanda said...

Such beautiful creations, Kathy! Wondeful. Especially the afghan. I like swedish stitching (or whatever it is called) because it is fast and pretty. But I never saw one so detailed as yours! The Linus project is wonderful. Something as important as that never really dawned on me until I read it on your blog. I love the idea. You have so much heart, so much love and caring about you! Your dinner decoration and activity sounds so great!!

Cheryl said...

My goodness Kathy you have been busy! Love the table decoration for your meal, i laughed at the thought of the "mature adults colouring like small children!"

Marion said...

You are one busy and one talented lady! Thank you for showing the swedish weaving!!! Beautiful!!!!
And Oct 3 is my wedding anniversary!
Take care...

Beatrice said...

The quilts are adorable and what a great work for the Linus project!
You know I loved the Flamingos!!!
All the crafts and stitching are lovely!
See you for lunch tomorrow!

Judy S. said...

Gosh, Kathy, you've really been busy creating beautiful things and wonderful memories for your friends all the while with a heavy heart filled with worry for your son. Know that lots of folks out in blogland are holding you and your family in their thoughts and prayers. Wish I could deliver a hug in person too! BTW, that's one gorgeous afghan; is it embroidered?

Aussie Stitcher said...

Love the quilts and the table decorations. LOL at the coloring-in, I love to color in with my little girl. I am so pleased that you son received good news with regards to his tests. I will keep my fingers crossed for all of you for some more good news in January. ((((HUGS))))

Margaret said...

Dear Kathy,

I've just been reading your recent posts and my heart goes out to you and your family during these very difficult and emotional times.

Your quilts are so pretty and will be just the thing to bring comfort.

Oh my - what a fun dinner. Love the table decorations. I can just imagine what a wonderful time you had and oh how you deserve it.

When you travel to Arizona do you go through Las Vegas? If so you might want to stop by Stitchers Paradise - a wonderful shop.

Rebel In Ontario said...

WOW! You have been busy and the weaving is stunning, I'm so glad you got it going straight during the weekend we were there :-)
Love the fish themed dinner!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

Yaaay!! You got the Swedish
weave afghan finished well
before the wedding this week-
end. Way to go. And it does
look terrific. The border is
very pretty and the colors in
the wool that you chose to
stitch this with look very nice.

All your quilts look fabulous
as well, and what a wonderful
charity to donate them to.
The Flamingo wall hanging is
pretty neat too, and very pink!

Your stitching project is very
pretty in all it's pastel
colors and will certainly
delight the lucky person that
you're stitching it for.

Your fishing themed dinner table
should be in the pages of a home
decor magazine! I love it!
From the Giraffe in his rain
gear, to the lures on the
window valance, to the muskie
in the center of the table (!!)
it all looks amazing. And the
pictures for the guests to
color are a hoot!!

Speaking of coloring....

I've made an appointment to get
my hair trimmed and COLORED
next week. Gulp!! Don't know
exactly what I'll end up with
but it's time to cover that
grey. What do you think?? Do
you recommend the color Purple??

Enjoy the wedding!!


Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow kathy! You have been busy! Quilting, stitching and entertaining! WOW!

Hazel said...

Goodness me! How many finishes can a stitcher do??? Love the quilts and the swedish weaving and the wip from WOCS - goodness so much on here. xx

samplerlover said...

Hi Kathy,
I to have been reading about your challenges of late. I just want to say that you and your family are in my thoughts. What a worry for you. A few years ago my DH had a tumour on his adrennal gland, but thankfully everything was ok.
It sounds as if you met another Mr Right with your DH.
I love your Swedish weave afghan as well. The bride is very lucky to receive such a special gift.
Thank you for always paying me a visit and leaving such lovely comments. They are always really appreciated. - Sandra.

Michelle said...

You've been busy making beautiful things! I love the Swedish weaving - amazing!! What a fun dinner you must have had!!