Saturday 5 January 2008


I shall explain. I was researching some information for a speech I will be making and looked at the discoveries for 1952 (the year I was born). The DON'T WALK sign was invented then. Maybe that's why I enjoy sitting so much - well, it's a valid excuse don't you think! and it gives me the perfect excuse to sit and stitch.

Stitching on Paradigm this week was very frustrating. I seemed to have had trouble counting. The Y, Z, motif below Z and the left heart were all stitched at least twice and some three times. I perservered until I restored them to their proper spot but wasted lots of thread and a great deal of my patience. Oh well, next week will be better.I am very excited with my progress on Crystal Tree - some beading is done, the tinsel is stitched on and the garland is couched. I have finished all the Kreinik bows and even added a beaded bow. I can feel a finish coming soon - well, within a week or two.

I am supposed to be working on a RR but I have the itch to finish Crystal Tree. I am having trouble seeing the fabric for my neighborhood so will compromise by working on my RR during the day and Crystal Tree at night.

DH and I are heading home to Canada on Thursday for a couple of weeks. We really miss our grandchildren - Jackson who is 3, Hunter who is 1 and Drew who is 11. We have told the boys parent's to find some place warm for a holiday and we will look after the children. They have agreed. They are flying "last minute" so have no idea where they are going as yet. Now, just in case you think I am really brave - the boy's parents pay for daycare whether the children are there or not. We will take turns sending one each day and them both one day so that we are still sane at the end of our babysitting. I have also informed DH that this is a two person job!!! Thank goodness he is a very "hands on" Poppa.

We will then travel to visit our granddaughter, my sister and my parents. I hope to catch up with and stitch with my stitching friends from Knowledge and Needles.

Oh yeah - the speech. We are having a Canada Day potluck on Sunday and I am giving a little spiel on the years 1930, 1940 and 1950.

Will be in touch when I can. Till then, keep stitching everyone


Anonymous said...

"Paradigm" is looking quite nice. Sorry to hear that it's been trying your patience, but it looks like it's shipshape now. Enjoy your trip and your time with your grandkids! Don't forget to pack your stitching projects!!

Nancy said...

Thank you for coming to my blog and commenting. I am very proud of my family. The tree you stitched is really beautiful. I will go to the blog you told me about and check out the map. Since DH hasn't yet started his, a stitch along might not work. LOL.

Becky K in OK said...

Both stitched pieces look wonderful. I fully understand about the 2-3 times re-stitching. Sometimes the eyes just don't cooperate. Enjoy your trip back to Canada. Be safe.

Sue said...

Don't you hate it when you can't count? Glad you were able to fix it and the Christmas Tree is beautiful ;)

mainely stitching said...

I think your progress looks GREAT!!

Karin said...

The tree is gorgeous! Have a fantastic time in Canada.

Beatrice said...

Good luck with the speech I've never seen you for a loss of words so you will do great!!
Have fun!
PL looks wonderful.sorry you trouble with the counting.
Very funny about the don't walk sign.Keep sitting and stitching!

Hazel said...

Your tree looks gorgeous!! xx

Laura said...

Crystal Tree and PL both look marvelous! I can sympathize with the restitching chore as I had to do some of that this week too. The results are worth it though. Hope the babysitting is going well.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Both projects look fantatstic!

I hope you can squeeze me in while you're up here.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy, Happy New Year!!

Don't know when you read this whether you'll be in the USA or Canada. Sounds like you'll be very busy with your grandkids, and I'll bet they're looking forward to seeing you again.

I'm busy catching up on my blogging comments and reading of blogs. I've gotten a bit behind over the holidays.

Your Paradigm is really coming along nicely, and that huge motif on the right is gorgeous!! Sorry to hear about the herd of frogs that chose to visit you. Hope they've moved on...though not towards this part of the world, thank you very much!

And what can I say about Crystal Tree?? It's exquisite!! So much detail in it, and all the special threads and beads and stuff. How did you find the couching to do? Had you done it before on another project??

Found the picture of Cathy's RR interesting. I smiled when I saw what you're stitching. The blue door sort of looks like a port-a-potty standing in a field.
Yes, I'm weird!!

You've gotten some really lovely stash in the past couple of weeks. Love the pretty threads especially.
Such gorgeous colours!!

Hope you and your DH have a lovely visit home and manage to see everyone you want to see...and who want to see you. Thanks for visiting my blog.